Friday, May 16, 2008


Just got home from the bar. Tonight was so busy and I'm glad to be home. They gave me a bunch of sashimi to take home though so I was definitely eating that a few minutes ago.

Okay, so I really CANNOT stand guys that hit on me. It bugs the HELL outta me. Just had to put that out there because tonight was one of those nights. i didn't want to talk to anybody, i just wasn't in the mood. But still, they persist. It's flattering the first time, but when you're constantly coming up and pressing the issue when I'm obviously not interested it's flat out annoying.

NOT TO MENTION, I got REALLY pissed off at some frat guy. There's a $10 minimum on credit cards and his tab was only $8.50 so I wouldn't ring it up. He goes, "Um, there isn't a 10 minimum."

"Uh, YEAH. There is."
"Since when?"
"Well ask Calvin, he'll run my card. There's not a $10 minimum."
"There IS."
"NO, there ISN'T."

Don't tell me how to do MY fucking job. What a cheapass, it's $1.50.

K, I'm through - not worth my time. That's the one thing that I can't stand about the restaurant/food industry - you get very little recognition for the things you do. It's a tough job and it really opens your eyes to how ignorant some people can be. I'm sure a lot of waiters/waitresses can empathize.

Wow, just reread that and I sound extremely bitter. It's just from a lack of sleep so please pardon me.

In other news, today was scorching hot. Hazel and I eventually left the house to go to 7-11. And, don't make fun - but we actually called 7-11 to make sure their slurpie machine worked. hAHAH. And then we asked what flavors they had. :) It was good...

I heard that there was another shooting today. That's the 2nd one in 48 hours. It's not to say that I'm scared for my life but it definitely makes me a little bit more cautious about my surroundings. I always forget that Berkeley is contingent to Oakland and Richmond. I've just always figured that we're a little isolated world because it is afterall a college town.

K, I'm going to bed. No depth tonight, just some random ranting...but that's all I have to give at the moment.


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