Thursday, May 15, 2008

k, so i decided that I'd write until 1:30AM

I'm thinking about pulling an all nighter tonight. At least until 3AM, and then wake up around 7AM to resume. It's just I'm kinda rejuvenated to writing in here again. I really miss having a journal. I have had one every year, don't know why I haven't bought one recently. I think it's just I've become so lazy that I don't want to take the old fashioned route and actually write (i mean, physically write). I'd much rather type. I guess they have their ups and downs.

There's something physically tangible when you write. there's also a good sense of accessibility; I can pull it out whenever. I can also be more private in a real journal. I'm not going to be talking about my romantic life here because I don't know who reads this. A real journal opens up that realm - I can talk about virtually anything.

It's fast, and I like the fact that I might have an audience. Sure, I'm going to censor some things but I love to stimulate discussion. I'd like to think that my thoughts shouldn't stay private (some of them need to be but not all!). I also like the fact that people night want to read about what I have to say. As corny as it sounds, the more we connect as a human race the more we can understand each other. Lastly, being able to type and think simultaneously is much more provoking than the arduous task of writing. I don't have to think about effort, because there is none!!!! This is it, folks - this is me! From my brain to your screen...

I can't believe how much I have to study. I don't know how I neglected this for so long. It's all that bartending! It's got me so drained. Sometimes I'll come home at 3:30AM. And, believe me - coming home at 3:30AM from work is MUCH different than coming home at 3:30AM from partying. By the time I come home I just want to collapse but I can't...I gotta eat, I gotta watch TV, maybe check my e-mail...UNWIND. Especially after dealing with all the drunk guys who are hanging over the bar and asking me my name yada yada..nationality...blah long have you worked here....what do you recommend to drink.... I try as hard as possible not to talk to people behind the bar. I probably don't have the best personality for a bartender but oh well, they hired me!!!!!

I'm not always like that, I guess. If it's someone I like I'll talk to them. It's just weird to look at it from the other side, everyone's getting plastered and I'm the one...pouring their drinks, HAHAH. Before this job, I thought I'd be good at bartending because I enjoy getting people drunk (I'm a good peer pressur-er when I'm tipsy, you can't say no!). But I found out...I'm a little TOO good, HAHA, I'm constantly berated for my portions, I always put too much. :]

K, 1:27AM but I milked it for what it was worth. Just wanted a break and an excuse not to read. Wish me luck on my final tomorrow!!!!!


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